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WestCoastBusters - About us
Your first,
    your last,
        your only line of defense
   ...against the scum of the ethereal plane

WestCoastBusters is a San Diego, CA based organization originally formed in 1984 when a couple of friends in high school built their own proton packs.  Resurrected and made official in 2002, WestCoastBusters have made the San Diego Comic Convention their home base for nearly a decade, branching out into attendance at charities and other special events.


WestCoastBusters is a Ghostbuster fan group that focuses primarily on charity work.  We believe the best way to use our fandom and talents is to entertain for nobler causes such as charities, churches and non-profit organizations. Although we will occasionally attend commercial promotions, these are typically for the vendors and manufacturers of licensed Ghostbuster products. 


WestCoastBusters will decline any invitation to attend any event that borders on litigious copyright infringement or that serves a private interest.  Ghostbusters is a copyrighted license owned by Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc.

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 Dr. Peter Venkman

 Dr. Egon Spengler

 Winston Zeddemore

 Dr. Ray Stantz


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