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West Coast Busters - Equipment
Your first,
    your last,
        your only line of defense
   ...against the scum of the ethereal plane

They’re complex, technical, industrial-looking, fission powered, unlicensed and actually,... Completely fictional.  These are the tools of the trade for the contemporary Ghostbuster. These replicas were built as part of a modern fan phenomenon known as prop-building.

Below is a brief list of the equipment the EPA doesn’t think we know how to use without accidentally destroying every molecule in our bodies at the speed of light.

 TOBIN’S SPIRIT GUIDE - John Horace Tobin spent 20 years risking life, limb and sanity to gather true accounts of human encounters with the paranormal.  Although Tobin himself disappeared under mysterious circumstances more than 100 years ago, this book remains as one of the rarest catalogs of paranormal entities.  We are grateful for his sacrifice. 

 BACHARACH SNIFFER MODEL 301 - This device was either built by the Bacharach corporation to detect hazardous gasses or perhaps built by crazed Burt Bacharach fans, unable to find him while stalking.  We’re not really sure what it does but as Dr. Venkman has always said, it’s... Technical. He’s pretty sure he’s using that thing right. 

 PROTON PACK - A portable nuclear fission powered particle accelerator that uses a positron collider ( aka - neutrona wand ) to fire a positively charged stream of protons which attract the negatively charged energy of a ghost, allowing it to be held in a stasis stream while active.  So what does that mean? It roasts marshmallows; it roasts them good.

 PKE METER - A handheld device capable of detecting Psycho-Kinetic Energy, a residual by-product of ghosts. Feedback is generated in both visual and audio cues based on the proximity of energy readings within a spherical bubble shaped range. Recent upgrades have included an onboard library of captured image data.

 PARA GOGGLES - Sometimes known as the Ecto-Goggles or the Spectro-Visors, these visually trace PKE readings. They help the wearer in identifying entities not visible to the human eye.  The Para-Goggles can also track ghosts within a visible field of search and in some cases display their strength based on the fluctuation of their light output.

 GHOST TRAP - A temporary ghost storage receptacle unit that uses polarized energy to magnetically adhere Class 2+ manifestations into a stasis field.  Can be activated manually at the unit or remotely by a foot-pedal with pneumatic fitting. Traps are powered by a limited charge and must be routinely emptied into a larger containment unit.

 SLIMEBLOWER - Created to deal with a specific threat, this device has found it’s own life post-Vigo as a safe and effective means for separating manifestations and the hosts they choose to possess.  Positively charged “mood slime” is contained in high pressure and mixed upon release to create something your dry cleaner doesn’t want to see.

 GEIGAMETER - A handheld unit similar to the PKE, the GeigaMeter detects entities in GeV or Giga-Electronovolts.  Feedback is displayed through the activity levels of onboard LEDs and a digital counter readout near the front.  Not intended for the precision of a PKE’s duty, the GeigaMeter is more guided for detecting threats Class 6 or above.

 ECTOMOBILE - A 1959 Cadillac Hearse/Ambulance combo, just what the doctor ( and probably the coroner ) ordered. The main transportation for the Ghostbusters and their equipment, the Ectomobile has a unique siren unlike anything else. Refurbished as a car, upgraded with modern technology and a head-turner at any event.

With so much of the world “going green” we pride ourselves marching to the beat of a different drum.  We use an appalling disregard for the creation and handling of hazardous materials and dare any other company to be so honest with the public.  To cement our promise to you, we cruise around in a 50-year old car that belches things electric cars could only dream of.  Weepy tree-huggers need not apply. 


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