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West Coast Busters - FAQ
Your first,
    your last,
        your only line of defense
   ...against the scum of the ethereal plane

Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ page).

Below, we have tried to answer the most common questions visitors have asked us over the years. If you find that your question is not answered on this page, please email us at Admin@WestCoastBusters.com


What kind of events will you make an appearance at?

  • Charities
  • Churches
  • Scouting organizations
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Sony-approved events
  • Licensed Ghostbuster product promotions
  • Schools, government

What kinds of events will you NOT make an appearance at?

  • Music Videos
  • Private parties ( corporate, private, raves, etc. )
  • Radio Stations
  • Political agendas

Why not?

Various reasons. Some events have a history of irresponsibility that we prefer to avoid.  Other events support points of view that may be harmful to the image of the license owner.   It cost about $8,000 to repair this car from the last time it was loaned out to someone who gave assurances that it would be cared for properly.


Are you the same as So-Cal Ghostbusters?

No, but they're our very good friends and we do a lot of events together.


Will you merge groups?

We've been around since 2002 and prefer to keep our own website, own status, and own schedule. It doesn't mean we're against teaming up and frequently do join forces with the So-Cal events.



How much do you charge?

Good news, we can’t charge a dime so we’re free! :-)  Unfortunately every trip to an event runs us a few hundred dollars ( gas, batteries, prep work ) so whether or not we can attend is just as related to time and money as pretty much everything else in life. 


How far do you travel?

We’re based in San Diego, CA and the best rule of thumb is “never drive your ‘59 Caddy further than you can afford to have it towed back from.” As a result we prefer to keep our efforts focused in San Diego, although we have been known to attend events in L.A. and Orange counties.  It’s important to note that even a fully restored 1959 Cadillac is still rather fragile and prone to breakdown, even after you’ve replaced almost everything on it. 




Do you rent your equipment out?

No, definitely not.  Each proton pack ran about $1500 each, the lesser props ran about $800 each (avg) and the car’s value is one we won’t even discuss aside from our insurance company. However, we would encourage you to travel the same path we’ve been down and make them yourself. There are no commercially made Ghostbuster prop replicas so to own one, you must make one. For many of us, it’s considered a right-of-passage.  Visit the good folks at the GBfans forum and see if their resources don’t show you just how easy it can really be. Things have come a long way since the days when we had to scratch build our equipment, some people actually have complete kits for each prop.


Make it myself?! But I’ve seen these for sale on eBay!

Those sellers are taking their chances.  Sony is the copyright holder and while they *may* tolerate the occasional one-time seller ( who built a proton pack and then needs to sell it ) it’s established that those who routinely build for sales and profit will eventually meet the heavy hammer of legal proceedings. A good price on a proton pack depends on how authentic the parts are and what’s included in the pack.  Ours run $1500 each because there’s a Hyperdyne light board and sound system in each pack. Packs without sound are typically $500 cheaper and packs without any lights are typically another $200-300 less.


Do you guys seriously bust ghosts and/or think that you do?

No, it's all just for fun.


I saw you guys in traffic and waved like a maniac. You didn’t wave back?  Why?

Imagine you’re in a car and it attracts a lot of attention.  People are constantly driving to catch up to you so that they can honk and wave.  They’re constantly riding in your blindspot, making it hard for you to merge.  They’re driving and filming you at the same time with a camera phone, endangering the safety of you and everyone around them just so that they can fulfill some self-ingratiating impulse to grab a video.  The phrase “Who ya gonna call?!” is being shouted about once every 30 seconds whether you want to hear it again or not.

How would you feel?  Safe? Comfortable? We’d feel safer if everyone just kept their hands on the wheel, their eyes on the road, and at most gave a respectful nod or wave as they pass us. The world is already filled with enough people putting their own wants and egos ahead of common sense.  Here’s a video of our friend J being chased in his Time Machine by one such person.

This here is exactly what NOT to do and something we see often enough that we’re quite tired of it.


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