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West Coast Busters - Services
Your first,
    your last,
        your only line of defense
   ...against the scum of the ethereal plane

Our courteous and efficient staff is on call 24 hours a day to serve all your supernatural elimination needs.” - Ray Stantz

Unlike the movie, we’re not actually available 24 hours a day, nor will we really remove any paranormal manifestations from your property.  However if we’re available when requested, what we can do is attract attention to your charitable cause.

     We got our start by attending events just for fun but around 2004 we garnered enough notice that we began to get invited to assist charities with their fundraising activities. Over time we’ve refined our appearances into an intentional effort to assist charitable organizations raise higher income for their cause.  We can man your tables or, if you prefer, just hang out with your volunteers while posing for pictures and requesting a donation for your cause.  If your occasion permits enough room we can bring our car to add to the attention draw.

 We can also help promote authorized events for licensed Ghostbuster products or related tie-ins. In the past we have been called to show our support for the Ghostbusters video game, Ghostbuster figures by Diamond Select and Dan Aykroyd’s own line of Crystal Head Vodka.  WestCoastBusters has also been known to attend midnight showings of the two Ghostbuster movies as well as make appearances for the special events of our charities; members-only events for the patients and customers of humanitarian organizations.


The specifics of what we can do is tailored to each event.

  • Staffing a table: We can provide our own tables, chairs, and a 10’ x 10’ awning.  If your event allows us the space, we can park our car behind the table for an extra eye-catching beacon to the public.
  • Roaming the crowd: We roam the crowd at your event interacting with people, "looking for ghosts" and using the slimeblower on willing ( and unwilling ) subjects.  ( Slimeblower shoots silly string or as our attorney calls it “lawsuit in a can.” )
  • Photo-Op: For some odd reason people want their pictures with us and/or the car.  Who would have seen that one coming?  Slide on over and grab a pic!


So do you guys sing and dance and do stuff like that?

No.  Most certainly not.
Enjoy the picture.
That’s as good as it gets.


When you need attention brought to your event, remember who you’re going to call.


For more information or to schedule an appearance please contact us at Admin@WestCoastBusters.com.

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